Case study – St Ives girls are going places

Using video to capture the heart of St. Ives Girls School

St Ives Girls School in Surrey passionately believes in the benefits of single sex education and providing a happy and vibrant school for their pupils. The school wanted a video to capture its heart and ethos and, after seeing Panda Media’s ‘a day in the life of’ school videos, decided that they were the perfect agency for the job!

Headteacher Lesley Shaikh said:
“After noticing that most of our enquiries come via the school website, we wanted to give prospective parents an instant feel for what St. Ives is about. Our main brief to Panda was to simply capture the essence of the school, warts and all”

How does it work?
So many school videos are staged and not fully representative of everyday school life; Panda Media always film in reportage, so any shot seen is as natural as possible. To capture the school as a whole some filler footage, of empty classrooms for example, is used but all shots of actual learning are real.

The team filmed over two days capturing the life of the school from the second the girls walk through the gates at 8am, until the very last pupils left after their extra-curricular activities at 6pm. Shots were filmed inside, outside and even over lunchtime in order capture a ‘typical day’.

Panda’s Creative Director worked with Lesley Shaikh, St Ives Headteacher, on the textual script of the film to convey the school’s message. Working collaboratively, the school and Panda were able to ensure that the very best design and videography was used in a way that perfectly captures the heart and spirit of the school and pupils.

Panda’s Creative Director, Paul Danbury, said:
The video, which is filmed in reportage, naturally captures the essence of the school and demonstrates the range of academic skills, interaction, enjoyment and a real mix of school activities experienced by the girls on a daily basis.”

Assessing the impact
The video has already had a strong impact within the St Ives’ school community with parents and even grandparents getting a fantastic insight in to the school lives of our pupils’ that they ordinarily wouldn’t have access to. The kids love the video and are really excited to see themselves on the website.

Headteacher Lesley Shaikh said:
I am thrilled with the end result. The video paints a really natural, relaxed picture that is honest and reflective of a typical day at St Ives. Panda were a pleasure to work with, easy-going and adaptable. All of our suggestions were well received and they really understood what we wanted to achieve.”

Creative Director, Paul Danbury says:
I am very pleased with the outcome – I think that we were able to capture in 154 seconds so much of the journey that these kids are fortunate enough to go on every day!”

The St Ives video set out to reflect what school life was like for pupils and has wonderfully captured the happy and successful atmosphere that St Ives creates for its girls. The video can be viewed on the St Ives website homepage

Fairlawn Primary School – report cards designs

  • Front Cover
  • Front Cover

Here is another example from the Panda Media studios showing how even the School report card can continue the School brand identity theme. In this example, based on our original brand ID for Fairlawn school, we designed KS1, KS2 and Early Year report cards and then supplied Fairlawn with working Microsoft Word templates that allowed them to fill in the entire report digitally.

St Ives School for Girls

Our latest video shoot saw us travel down to St Ives School for Girls in Haslemere, Surrey. Working closely with Headteacher Lesley Shaikh and the fantastic kids of the school we captured some great footage over two glorious winter days that shows the school in all it’s incredible glory.