Panda Media spend the week at Brunswick Park Primary

The Panda Media team arrived at Brunswick Park as they spent the week shooting video and photography of the school.


Panda Media visit Brunswick Park School, Camberwell

The style I like to shoot when visiting schools is reportage. You know the style, basically where I tell the classes to pretend I’m not here as I move quietly around the room. This works on many levels, it’s minimum disruption for the class and it’s pupils but it’s the most natural way of capturing the essence of the school. [/two_third] [one_third_last]

“These look really brilliant, so clean many thanks ”
– Peter White, Head teacher at Brunswick Park [/one_third_last]

But not only that I get to spend a fair bit of time observing the teachers and their pupils ‘at work’ and I’m so impressed with the dedication shown by teachers and the great respect back they receive from their pupils. That was never more evident then when I visited Brunswick Park Primary for the week, an inner city school boasting 32 ethnic groups and I was simply overwhelmed by the manner in which the kids embraced their schooling life.

Where as the videoing is very much reportage, the photography shoot was anything but. There is something really simplistic and beautiful about photographing the pupils on a white background. The emphasis is to really show of the vibrancy of the schools and it’s skills, and in the process the kids have great fun posing. The results speak for themselves.

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